As the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues, we wanted to clarify any concerns you may have regarding how the virus will affect you and your life insurance policy.

Coronavirus help & support:

Claims made on existing policies due to coronavirus will be paid out as per the standard terms and conditions of your policy.

This is because Coronavirus is a new illness and won’t have been made an exclusion when you took your policy out (as it was not pre-existing).

​Please note that insurers can add a contestability clause to your policy. This means they can delay a pay out while they look into your cause of death.

​If you’ve recently taken out a policy and pass away due to Coronavirus it’s likely insurers will need to investigate further to determine whether the illness was pre-existing or not.

In rare instances, insurers sometimes add a ‘pandemic’ exclusion into policies. In which case, Coronavirus would not be covered.

To find out what your policy covers you for, it’s best to check out your policy documents.