Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance could provide a pay-out if you were to pass away within the contract term. It is an effective policy to have if your partner or other dependents could not afford the mortgage without your income.

When you buy your home, your mortgage lender may offer to sell you life insurance cover. However, it is essential to remember that you are under no obligation to buy it from them. Consider the different policies available to you and compare quotes with Quote Me Simple before making a final decision on mortgage life insurance.

If you already have level term life insurance, you might still need mortgage life insurance as well. Our UK advisors are on hand to help you if you are not sure which cover is right for you.

How does mortgage Life Insurance work?

Mortgage life insurance cover will decrease over time, in line with your repayment. As you continue repaying your mortgage, the amount of cover will reduce. It is for this reason that the cover is also known as decreasing term life insurance.

The duration of your mortgage life insurance will usually align with the mortgage term. If you have a 25-year mortgage, the policy will last for at least this amount of time. Should you pass away during that term, the insurance policy will pay off your mortgage with a lump sum.

What is the difference between mortgage protection and life insurance? Both types of cover are designed to pay out a cash sum, should you pass away during the length of your policy. They can be used to help your loved ones and provide financial support during a challenging time.

The difference between mortgage protection and life insurance is that they are designed with different purposes in mind. For instance, you may want life insurance cover to help your family with financial matters such as everyday living expenses or funeral costs. On the other hand, you might want to take out life insurance specifically to cover the cost of your mortgage, because your partner would struggle to meet the amount without your income.

It is very dependent on your circumstances and how you want to help your loved ones. If you have a repayment mortgage, you should consider taking out mortgage life insurance. It is not suitable for an interest-only mortgage.

At Quote Me Simple, we can help create a tailored policy that meets your individual needs. We offer specialist support and guidance to help you understand how the different policies work.

Please note that the descriptions above do not constitute as financial advice and may change depending on individual circumstances and budgetary requirements.

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